Speaking Spanish & Portuguese

I’m studying Portuguese right now and I also speak Spanish. it is possible with enough practise to not confuse the two languages when speaking? (I want to get these two languages to mastery)


Hi Buxey,

Interferences are a constant problem when learning / using these two close languages.

I’ve been learning Spanish for more than 2 decades, which includes having a Spanish girlfriend / living in Spain for a few months, and Br. Portuguese for ca. 2.5 years. Unfortunately, the stronger language almost always takes over as soon as I’m somehow unsure in Portuguese.

This means: I might start a sentence in Portuguese, but I can never be sure that I won’t finish it in Spanish (or rather: in Spanish with a Portuguese pronunciation). On the other hand, this is rarely the case in Spanish. If I’m in Spanish mode, I’m in Spanish mode - period.

That said, it gets better once you reach a B2-C1 level in both languages…

Have a nice day,


interesting, thank you for your feedback!