Speaking slots don't appear on the conversation list

Hi. I have decided that I should start hosting discussion in Japanese.
I have signed up 1-on-1 discussion by clicking “Add/Edit” conversations" and selected dates and times and updated the calender.
I see the time slots on my calender on March 2nd and March 3rd.

However, I don’t see me listed on speaking page. Don’t you see yourself in the list? Or will it take some time before the new conversation slots are actually shown in the list?
Am I missing any procedure except for adding date and time slots in my calender?

That’s great, Akiko! Yes, you can’t see your own times in the list but you are there, I can see you. You have to use your calendar to see your own times.

We still can’t see our own 1-on-1 discussions.Anyway, I see yours. It is March, 3 and March, 4. 6:00-8:00 my time (I think it is about 10 am Japan time)

By the way this time is very convenient for me :)) I will sign up somewhere in a future… :slight_smile:

OK… You don’t see yourself in the speaking page.
Then all I need to do now is to be aware of the e-mail notification that someone has signed up, right?
I have had so many English discussion as a student but this is the first time to be a tutor… how exciting!
I’m glad that the time is convenient for you.
I’m looking forward to talking with you in Japanese!

Angie, you will see any confirmed conversations and their participants in the My Conversations list on the Speak page. Both hosted conversations and conversations you are attending are shown in the same list. Click on the title of the conversation to access the conversation report form.


I don’t see My Conversations list on the Speak page.
Where is the list in the Speaking page?
Am I missing something? I have looked at the page throughly several times though…

My conversations all appear at the top of the Speak page for me.


Oh OK… then “My conversasion list” must be 予約しているカンバセーション in my page.
I assumed there was a special list for tutors and misunderstood what Mark wrote.

Now my question’s solved. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Correct Akiko, one of the problems here is that we all have different language versions of the interface. You should see both the discussions that you are hosting and the discussions where you are a learner. I will look up your discussions and sign up for a Japanese lesson and we can discuss tutoring at the same time. Thanks.


I have confirmed the future discussion with you on my list.
I’m looking forward to talking with you. :slight_smile: