Speaking practice on Skype // editing for writing

Hi, I am a girl in my 20’s and I’m a native English speaker. If you are looking for someone to practice speaking English with, I can do an audio chat with you on Skype for a reasonable price, it’s individually negotiated with each person. I can also help to edit writing. I can help with pronunciation and help you correct errors while you are speaking. You can choose the topics or I have built up a small selection of various topics that we can use.

You can email me at snicolery[@]hotmail.com or find my Skype in my profile.

I have experience teaching conversational english to an Italian family. I have also previously tutored students in college and worked as a teaching assistant for college level courses. I help others to practice their English on Skype from time to time. I’m on US west coast time zone but sometimes I am a night owl and have been able to speak with people across many time zones without any issues.

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Skype : raselahmed66