Speaking or Writing?

Which one is more difficult when one is learning a new language. I find writing to be less stressfull than speaking. How about you guys?

I think that there are some points:

  1. Writing is stressful if you have to consult dictionaries very often.
  2. Speaking is not stressful if you are talking with a person who understands the difficulty of speaking foreign languages perfectly.
    3)Writing and speaking need different skills, although they are closely related. Fluent speakers are not always good writers.

And vice versa.

Having done quite a lot of listening in recent times, I’m finding now with French that it has become easier to speak than to write, because when speaking I don’t worry too much about making perfect sentences. However, I usually speak with a tutor which also makes it less stressful. Speaking with a regular native speaker who is perhaps not as patient can be much more stressful for me.

English being studied with teachers that is used all over the world ,is an international.