Speaking on Lingq

As a newbie, I just watched the video about “Speaking on Lingq,” and I’m puzzled. The video says, “So I head to Exchange and select Speak.” But on my dashboard I don’t seem to have that option. I’m doing "Latin/(Ancient Greek), and unfortunately Ancient Greek is kind of beta-covered in the Latin section. It’s working pretty well. But of course I’m using natural methods, such as conversations to grasp these. So there are at least a few people I chat with in Ancient Greek weekly, but not here. If I got them on lingq, would we be able to somehow use the speaking feature? If so, where would it be?

The video is outdated, we need to update it.

To speak you should go to the Tutors page. There you will find all available tutors you can speak with or submit writing for correction. Find a tutor you like who has times suitable for you and click Book.
You do need points to book conversations. You can buy points on the Points Tab - Login - LingQ .

To learn more go to the Speak Help page - Tutor Help.

Hope this helps!