Speaking english everyday to improve quickly

Hi everybody. I am chiaki from Vietnam. I would like to talk with other people all around the world to find out their culture, education or other stuff. that would be great. I am upper- immediate level and wish to upgrage my English skills, If you care for it, please add me in Skype or Viber, Thanks for reading.
here is my ID chiaki.smile1

hi chiaki, I am mahasa from india.I would like to have friends from other countries to improve my English.My level is intermediate.My Skype id is mahasa220.

By only speaking you can make more active the words that you’ve already known and maybe accelerate a bit your speed of the speech.
Just by combining of reading, listening, a bit writing and speaking you can really move forward in acquiring of the new language.


yea. you are right. besides speaking, i have to listening English podcasts everyday that make me improve other skills.

hi everyone my name is Anderson and I’m from Brazil. I love to know new things about others culture around the world and I need to improve my english.
my skype is anderson.mineiro3

Totally I agree here evgueny40. But every learner must know this: no pain, no gain!

This sounds like fun! Hi, guys! I’m a native English speaker from America, and I’m learning mostly German, some Spanish, and a little bit of French. I’d love to hear about your different cultures! ^ ^ Feel free to add me on Skype! :smiley:

that’s would be great. I also know some americans and they are nice, helpful but bcz of school life so its long time I didn’t talk with them any more. Btw, nice to meet all of you

Hello Chiaki!
Let’s talk over skype, or LINE. Do you have a LINE account?
Feel free to add me: varnsz. I want to improve my English too! :smiley:

speaking through Line or skype apps are also good.yeah I still use Line,we can talk there :smiley:

One important thing for improving listening skills, are conversations with people from different countries. It is very easy to understand somebody from your country.
Moreover since he/she speaks the same native language, conversations will be mixed with English and your native. I have described (and they) many times until now, unknown words to other participants. And this is not easy!

I’ve been studying english by myself for two years and a few months now , currently i’m studying Japanese and French while practicing my english everyday by reading books in order to learn new words , i need to practice my pronunciation in english and further i will start to try french and japanese as well if you want to practice with me feel free to add me on skype , my ID vitor_matos14

hello everyone

hi,Buddies i want to communicate and improve my accent and pronunciation too.i am intermediate level so kindly add me on skype my skype id is jamers_786.thanks in advance hope you will enjoy with me and improve your listen skill too.