Speaking counter gone awry

speaking counter gone awry

Hi Zoran,
Inputting speaking toady, something went wrong. 66 hours came, I decided I’d made an error and input 66 minutes instead but 66 hours added themselves. I then put in 12 minutes and another 66 hours added themselves, finally I put in 3 minutes and yet another 66 hours were added for a total of :

  • :camera:386Words of Writing15
  • :camera:265.4Hours of Speaking0
    Danke im Voraus!

Hi Triggered,
That’s very strange. I just tested it on my end and adding speaking hours seems to work properly.
Can you please contact me on support(at)lingq.com I think I may need your permission to check this by accessing your account and try to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

I tested it yesterday after 2 or 3 hours and it had returned to normal, I thought you’d already fixed it :wink:

OK, thanks for checking it. Please let me know if you notice the same problem again.