Speaking and Pronuncation

Is there some function in LingQ that allows you to record yourself speaking sentences and words in your target language?

There is not. For pronunciation practice, I recommend the voice input feature on Google Translator.

how avoid self-correction on gloogle translator?

I meant the voice input feature. That is, choose a language and click on the microphone icon. Then you can talk and the translator will try to transcribe your words. You’re just talking, not writing, so there’s no self-correction. If the program can write your words down correctly, it means your pronunciation is accurate enough

I just want to mention that sometimes google translator don’t get what you are saying, even in your own native language. So it is not 100% accurate.

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I don’t see a microphone icon on Google Translate. Where do you see it? Thank You

Lower left hand corner of the box where you input the phrase you want translated.

Make sure your microphone is working right in your system