Speak English I can help you with russian

I find people Who can help me with english via skype. I can help with russian.
I am 26. I am from Moscow. My name is Ilya.
I don’t have web-cam but I have mic.)))))))))))) So if you want to improve your russian I can help.


my skype: VaganovIlya

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Hey… I want to exchange…

george.luiz97… I’m a beginner… But I want to use the words that I know… ehaeheha

Hi, Ilya ! =)))

I guess, I could help you with English, too, via Skype, no problem! :wink:

Mic or no mic, it does not matter that much, so far! =))

It’s nice that you met Joel; we sometimes clarify the intricacies of the Russian language, as there’s quite a large number of them! :wink:

Please, do not hesitate to add me in Skype! Or, if you wish it will be me who’ll add you! =))

Either way will do with me, basically! =))

Give me please your skype)

Ah, yeah, I’ve clean forgotten! =)) My Skype: pauler40

Hi there, I’m an American native English speaker. I’m at the very beginning level of Russian but I could still benefit from even a very short Russian conversation. I’m also happy to help you with your English.