Spanish Vs. Italian

I am really confused . I’ve been studying french on lingq . And I’ve been taking Italian courses , but there are alot of people saying Spanish is more widely used than Italian ( I think both are really great languages ) But I just want to know , which is more useful ?

I thought about taking both , but I think because they are similar it might be confusing .

And I really want to learn both . But I’m afraid I’ll mix them up . I mean are they really that similar ?

Italian and Spanish are very very close. If you know one you should be able to pick up the other one rather quickly. I’d say just keep up with Italian, if you get good at it you should be able to learn Spanish in a breeze.

I agree with rafael. I would stay with the one that you are most motivated to learn until you reach a comfortable level. Then focus on the other. Once you have Italian, Spanish will come along quite quickly.

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Se posso essere d’aiuto in italiano, non esitare :slight_smile:
Spanish and Italian are similar languages.

I learned Italian as an adult and now speak it fluently. I have been learning Spanish for about a year and have made a ton of progress with much less effort by leveraging my knowledge of Italian. I do not mix them up, and i feel that this is mainly because I already a very good core in Italian before I started learning Spanish. As far as one being more useful than the other: in my geographic location of the world Spanish has a lot more utility than Italian because of the large number of Spanish speakers here, (although French and Italian are considered to have a bit more “prestige”, if one cares about such things). Personally however, my life is geared in such a way that Italian is much more useful to me personally, knowledge of Italian gives me more professional and personal advantages than Spanish.

At any rate, that is just my personal experience,

In bocca al lupo!

You’ve all been very useful . So I guess I’ll go on with italian untill I’m really good at it , and then perhaps start Spanish
Thank you :slight_smile: