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If you’re learning Spanish and you’re at an intermediate or advanced level this might be something of interest to you. RTVE is Spain’s state owned public broadcaster. If you go to their website you can search for programs and watch them online. As far as I know there is no time restriction (after which it is no longer available) so you can watch for example episodes of shows that where first broadcasted 10 years ago. For example I found a Spanish soap opera named Amar en tiempos revueltos. The series takes place during the Spanish civil war and the years after the war. The series is in its seventh season and each season has about 200 episodes and last about 50-55 minutes each. Another long running series is cuentame there is currently 282 episodes of cuentame and again you should be able to watch all the episodes of the series. There is of course a lot more but these two series are the ones I am most excited about personally.

Cuentame como pasó

Amar en tiempos revueltos


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If you like science, you could look at These are talks and interviews on many science topics. They all have full transcripts available on the website.

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Yes! By the way, not all the transcripts are full ones. The short ones are, the longer ones have some of the talk missing, but much of it remains.

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