Spanish tutors, to bytor

I took a correction from marbatis, it was for the tutor bytor but it was 2 days old so I took it.

If you do mind just tell me. It was a short one, 35 words. Check your email to see if you missed the email telling you you had a correction.

I’m confused now if I shouldn’t have taken it, sorry if that’s the case, and tell me what I should do the next time


This is a hard one. If the learner specifically says “for so and so” I guess we should leave the submission for the tutor. If it were me, I would prefer to get the writing back earlier. Let’s hear from other tutors on this question.

How can I tell if it specifically says “for so and so”?

This was in the public corrections and said that bytor is marbatis’s tutor. It said nothing else.

This is indeed tricky. Maybe the student would rather wait, like you Steve, a few days or a week for the correction being made by her/his tutor than it being corrected by another tutor. Or maybe not.

We should respect the student’s wishes but how can we know them?

I guess it’s safer to leave the submission for the student’s tutor like you said Steve. I won’t take any other public corrections in the future then. Sorry for this one.


Hi Berta,

Members must choose a corrector when they submit writing now so all writing does have an assigned tutor which is the name in the Corrector column in the public writing list. Ideally, you should just correct writing when you get an email about it and not take writing from the public list. On the other hand we do have writing that sometimes sits there for a few days which we do want to get back. It’s always a bit of a tricky issue. Since learners are able to change their corrector if the correction is taking too long to be returned maybe we should leave it up to them. We should probably make sure are aware that they can do this.

Hi mark

I didn’t know that. You’re right then, better not take any more submissions from other tutors.


We had a similar discussion in July: Writings Related To Courses - Language Forum @ LingQ

If the tutor I have chosen is absent, I think I’d like to have my submission corrected by another one instead of waiting. Maybe one could set a time limit, e.g. after 24 hours the text can be picked by any tutor.

It doesn’t matter to me who corrects my writing. I’d rather throw it into a “chore” bowl and see who picks it up.

There are different views on this. I would favour a 24 hour limit as the default position for any submission. I think that is the case but I would have to ask Mark. After that it is free for any tutor unless the learner specifies the corrector in the title. Conversely the learner could put Urgent in the title and then it would be open for any corrector immediately.

What do others think?