Spanish TTS bug

I am having a problem with the Spanish text to speech. Sometimes, when a word is pronounced it says “barra vertical” before and after the word. I have no idea where it’s getting the extra vertical bar character from, the lesson text does not have it. I tried switching TTS but it didn’t change anything. It only seems to happen with specific words, even when they appear in other lessons. This problem is new. Just yesterday, I was using the Spanish TTS with no issues.

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I’ve had the same happen with a word in Portuguese right now.

I am noticing the same issue with Swedish TTS at the moment as well. It sounds like it’s saying “ljud streck” or “sound dash”.

This is only an issue in my browser, the phone app using Google TTS is fine, as is the IVONA TTS on my Fire tablet.

Thanks for reporting it. I’ll let our developers know.

German too

This is still happening…French in this case. And yes some days seem fine and then I get it a lot…but only on certain words and they are definitely not in the lesson text.

I haven’t see this for a while now and then about a week or so ago it started happening again.

Is that on the website or app version? Can you please provide some lesson/word example?