Spanish sports announcer using weird hat metaphor

I’ve been watching NBA playoff games in Spanish, and in Game 4 of the Dallas-Minnesota series just now, when Daniel Gafford gets a couple of blocks, the announcer starts talking about he’s selling hats, what a hat he’s wearing, he’s opening up a hat store. I couldn’t immediately find anything online so I’m wondering if anyone can explain it? Here’s what he said as best as I could transcribe it:

[first block] vaya gorro que te apuesto Gafford…
[second block] otra vez del cuarto, dos consecutivos, pero bueno, hay una tienda de sombreros Daniel Gafford…descomunal el minutos de Gafford…hasta donde llega, que salto vertical…
[replay] que le pone aquí un repertorio de sombreritos

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I never heard that but “sombrero” in soccer (fútbol) refers to a technique where a player lifts the ball over an opponent and retrieves it on the other side. It’s a flashy move often used to bypass an opponent and can be likened to “nutmegging” in English. However, in the context of the NBA game you mentioned, the announcer was likely using “hat” as a metaphor for Gafford’s shot-blocking ability,

It doesn’t sound that weird to me, since ‘sombrero’ is something you put on your head. So, if the opponent gave him a ‘hat’, he was ‘covering his head’. If we were on Telegram, I’d now send a funny GIF showing an anime character stuffing somebody completely under a hat and being served. :grin:

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