Spanish so fast!

Ok so i finished the IDEL beginners course named “absolute beginners” and i understand 50-60%

I decided to get that up to 70% maybe 80% understanding using the “absolute beginners revisited”
Its the same exact course, but faster speech. “still not full speed either!”

So i went ahead a bit, to about lesson 8 where the first one had a word i had forgotten or didnt recognize.

Then I pressed play…

It sounded like a Busta Rhymes music video… is it really that fast… and faster?
I know the words but its just way too fast to understand.

And reading it? never mind lol…

Any advice? this is just too fast.

Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

“It’s an almost universal truth that any language you don’t understand sounds like it’s being spoken at 200 m.p.h. — a storm of alien syllables almost impossible to tease apart.”

“And yet it’s equally true that some languages seem to zip by faster than others.”

"English, with a high information density of .91, was spoken at an average rate of 6.19 syllables per second. Mandarin, which topped the density list at .94, was the spoken slowpoke at 5.18 syllables per second. Spanish, with a low-density .63, ripped along at a syllable-per-second velocity of 7.82. The true speed demon of the group, however, was Japanese, which edged past Spanish at 7.84, thanks to its low density of .49…

…Despite those differences, at the end of, say, a minute of speech, all of the languages would have conveyed more or less identical amounts of information."

A young man, recently arrived in New York City as a tourist, lost his way en route to a concert for which he had tickets. He stopped a gentleman on the street and asked him, “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?” The older man looked at him and replied, “Practice. Practice.”

No Spanish here, but it will be the same with any language. (Listen to the speed of your own speech, for example.) I listen to Internet radio while driving, I watch tons of movies. If the Lingq lessons I employ have audio, I listen to that, of course. With practice your ear will begin to distinguish the individual words. My listening comprehension is so-so. Some material is still opaque, but other material I more or less fully grasp with little effort, and that is a real pleasure. It is frustrating when I don’t understand most of a song, look up the lyrics, and realize that I know 95% of the words.

I think it’s also necessary to build an understanding of the language, approaching the point where you don’t need to translate in order to understand. You can’t think that fast – it’s as if while listening to English you tried to find a synonym for each word as it is said. With increased comprehension of the language in any form, you’ll be better equipped to cognitively keep up with the speech. And in that way, learning solely by reading contributes in some degree to your listening comprehension. Though I listen daily, my more concentrated effort currently involves reading material for which there is no audio. I still think it has helped with listening.

Someone on these forums several months ago related how they will relax, eyes closed, and listen carefully for words without even trying to understand the content – simply pick out the words. That sounds like something reasonable to try, also.

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i agree with what the others said any languageyou do not know is going to sound fast to you only through constant exposure will you improve in that area and spanish is spoken like how it is written that is a plus and has no tricky sounds

I agree with the rest of the opinions. You’re not supposed to understand a realistically paced Spanish conversation just now! Otherwise you wouldn’t have to learn the language. It is fast but it seems faster to you than it really is because you’re not used to the words or to the rhythm of the language. Spanish syllables don’t get “reduced” the way Engilsh ones do when they’re unaccented. To a large extent, an “a” is an “a” in all positions, it doesn’t become a schwa. That makes it sound faster to your ears but the truth is that all foreign languages sound fast, complicated and just plain impossible to ever become understandable.
The really funny fact is: you do eventually understand, it’s a bit of a miracle but it does happen. Keep going, just read the lesson and listen to it in order to pick one word here and there. Do that most days and you’ll understand more and more.
¡Te deseo mucho éxito!

op - how about a link?

Spanish speed depend from the country. I am from Cuba and I was raised in Chile. For other Spanish people they say Cuban speak very fast but for others they say Chileans. I spoke faster when I spoke with my Chilean friends. I have friends from different Spanish countries and again it can be very different. Even the pronunciation and the slam words. I recommend you to follow only one so you don’t get confused. And whatch a lot a lot of tv in Spanish so you can see the differences. Brazilian Novels that are been translated in Spanish has a wonderful Spanish pronunciation. :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to listen Spanish music! Good ones can be, Raphael, Rosio Durcal, Roberto Carlos, Marc Anthony, Marco Antonio Solis and so on. Does are well know artist and have excellent Spanish pronunciation.

That is how I learned the basics of English when I arrived to now my home USA. Hope this information keep you going with your spanish.

Thank you so much. I knew I wasn’t going crazy. The Spanish I’m learning here is spoken at least twice as fast as my friend. And way faster then the French I learned years ago. I’ll take your advice to heart too, I’m trying to stay with Spanish from Spain. I’ve already fallen in love with a tv show from there called en hora de jose mota so… So funny. I’ve written down those artists and will be looking for them on iTunes tomorrow when I get home thank you.

“La hora de José Mota”, sí, es muy divertido. I’m Spaniard but I don’t recommend listening to only one national variety and Spanish from Spain is spoken very fast.
Go with what interests you, if you like José Mota, go for it.

Yea i dont know why i say jose then tony then jose.
I do watch it on theres a lot of stuff there, but i have a long way to go still
I dont even understand Jose Mota, but that show is still real funny.

a show called " el minestrio del tiempo" also looks good but that one seems
much more difficult without all the visual ques like on Jose Mota.

I chose Espana because thats a place I always wanted to visit.
Although technically, i am Portuguese, my grandfather is from Portugal.
I dont speak Portugese however, and i havent had a desire to learn.