Spanish - Saludable vs saludablemente

I tried googling the differences between these two words. One of my spanish speaking friends said they mean the same thing, but the usage changes based on context. But couldn’t explain more than that. Can anyone here explain the difference between Saludable vs saludablemente (Healthy) and provide some examples of why I’d use one over the other?

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Saludable is and adjetive and saludablente is an adverb. This is the main difference. However, i wouldn´t use saludablemente in the 99%. In my own perception, it isn´t really common, at least in Spain. I had a hard time trying to figure out a natural example for its use in a sentence.

What you should get out of all that, is the fact that we are quite flexible with the use of adverbs and adjetives. And there are lots of cases in which you can use both indistinctly.

Un estilo de vida activo es saludable (saludablemente would´t be valid here). An active lifestyle is healthy.
Los médicos recomiendan comer saludablemente (you can also use saludable) . Doctors recomend eating healthy.

Saludable means healthy and saludablemente means healthily. In general, words that end in “mente” in Spanish are adverbs.
But just as the word healthily is rare in English, saludablemente is rare in Spanish, I don’t think i’ve ever heard it used.

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Te doy algunos ejemplos espero ayuden: Tu puedes tener una alimentación saludable, puedes ser una persona saludable, puedes alimentarte saludablemente.

More Examples:

Comer frutas es saluble.
Dormir 8 horas por dia es saludable.
Trabajar 16 horas por dia no es saludable.

Soy una persona que se alimenta saludablemente.
Soy una persona que intenta comer saludablemente.