Spanish Online Dictionary

Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend a good online Spanish dictionary? For French, I primarily use WordReference which is fantastic not only because there are lots of definitions but also because I can usually find answers to questions about phrases etc. (the ‘Forum’ threads are great and very conveniently organised). I find that WordReference is nowhere near as good for Spanish. I tend to use Google quite a bit, but it doesn’t help me much with phrases or multiple definitions of a word.

Does anyone know what the Spanish equivalent would be of WordReference for French? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I use WordReference for translatios from english to spanish, but my advice, if you want to use a monolingual dictionary, is the web: This is the page of the Spanish Lingual Academy. I hope it would usefull for you.


I use this dictionary Although it’s a Dutch dictionary, you can easily translate English - Spanish, Spanish - English. I don’t really know whether it’s better than WordReference, but you could try it. You just have to know a few words:

Vertalen = translate
Vertaal = translate
Van = from
Naar = to

You can also translate English into Dutch, French, German and vice versa. Based on the flags you can determine which language is meant.

Good luck!

Really? You don’t find WordReference as good for Spanish? I’m sorry I can’t help, I use WordReference.

@rosasanz23 & siccow - Thanks :slight_smile:

@angela - I find it to be a bit hit and miss. With French, I remember so many occasions where I was able to just put the key word of even a relatively rare phrase into WordReference and there would almost always be a forum thread advising what it meant. With Spanish, I’ve found this to be the case on far fewer occasions, but it could be just my own experience using the site.