Spanish Music

Does anyone have some Spanish music suggestions. I haven’t listened to a lot of music in Spanish so any genre is welcome! Thanks in advance!

Really any? How about simple pop? I find it’s good to learn words, not too complicated, sometimes interesting lyrics and the melody sticks to your brain
A couple suggestions of pop groups/singers which I think have interesting lyrics and are easy to listen to:

Amaral (Spain, modern)
Vetusta Morla (Spain, modern)
Melendi (Spain, modern)
Juanes (Colombia, modern)
Radio Futura (Spain, 80s)
Revólver (Spain, 80s)
Los Rodríguez (Argentina, about 90s)
Maná (Mexico, 80s onwards)

Maldita Nerea

Now I’m listening to this:

And from Venezuela, you have
Franco de Vita
Voz veis
Caramelos de cianuro

A mi me gustan:

Jeanette, Porque te vas

Sorry I just saw this list thanks a lot for your suggestions!

De nada. Buena suerte con el aprendizaje.

I kind of digged this after watching the movie Man on Fire.

Está bien, no la conocía. :slight_smile:

One word of caution for Spanish learners: the English translation of a few verses is quite misleading.

Oh I’m not learning Spanish. What does it say? My Italian knowledge didn’t help me.

E buona, non la conoscevo.

Here is “Hasta siempre, Comandante” - a great song about Che in three performances:

  1. original: CARLOS PUEBLA. - Hasta siempre - YouTube
  2. the “Grenada” ensemble of political song (Spanish+Russian) Эрнесто Че Гевара. Hasta siempre, Comandante - YouTube
  3. a pop cover from France: Nathalie Cardone - Hasta Siempre ( Comandante Che Guevara ) - YouTube

Here is “Jamas te dejare” - a great lyrical song I’ve discovered this week:

  1. original performance by Rocio Durcal: Rocio Durcal - Jamas te dejare - YouTube
  2. a really talented kid from TX singing: La Voz Kids | Shanty Zumaya canta ‘Jamás Te Dejare’ en La Voz Kids - YouTube