Spanish Listening Material When Walking To Work

As the title suggests, while I am walking to work for 5 days a week 10 minuets to and from work. What should I be listening to? I am currently listening to Spanish music from Spotify and yes I do enjoy it but could I be listening to something better? I want something that has very little English speaking as I think I would focus more on the English rather than the Spanish, any advise would be appreciated!

Muchas Gracias

When I would walk for exercise at night, I listened to Steve’s book, as well as the podcasts from Lizeth Gonzales.

where could I access this?

Notes in Spanish has roughly ten-minute podcasts.

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It all depends on your level! Try this one: PodClub - Klubschule Migros

just no salsa music it makes you want to dance

This. They have beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate (NIS Gold) and advanced. They’re a joy to listen to, a Madrid couple having a 10 minute chat about random topics. The guy is English but his Spanish is very good.

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Yeah, they are incredibly friendly and one can feel they did it first of all out of passion, not money.

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Thank! I have just downloaded 10 lessons for me to listen too :slight_smile:

Thank! I have just downloaded 10 lessons for me to listen too :slight_smile:

They are all in the LingQ library, or at least used to be. I would be surprised if they were removed.

The book is called “The Linguist. Una Guía Personal para el Aprendizaje de Idiomas.”