Spanish listening exercise resource

If you’ve reached an intermediate level in Spanish, Miguel from @spanishinput on Youtube has created some Anki decks to help train our ears to Spanish. He’s produced several stories that use only the words in the 5,000 words most used in conversational Spanish.

El gato blanco is especially humorous, but you can get his latest for half-off as an early purchaser. You can read about it on the website, but basically, he created Anki cards of the phrases in the story and you listen and try to type the exact words. I’ve found that it really helps with listening training.

Obviously, with Audacity and a laptop, you can create your own Anki cards to do the same thing, but IMO, it’s worth a few bucks to have it already made.

If you’re not quite to the intermediate level, you can import the story and audio into LingQ to learn the vocabulary and then work your way through the Anki deck.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Also definitely check out his Youtube channel for lots of free tips.