Spanish Lingq podcasts


Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the Spanish podcasts. Although I already speak Spanish very well, I find them useful because of the different accents of the speakers. Also, it’s very interesting to hear slight (or sometimes not so slight) variations in vocabulary from different countries. I’ve definitely picked up more than a few new words.



I definitely think so too, there’s a wealth of interesting content, and it’s a brilliant display of the Spanish language with it’s broad variety and many associated cultures. I particularly like how I’m able to get a good amount of exposure to the Argentinian/rioplatense dialect, which can be very different with the vos instead of tu and the pronunciation, but still very interesting. As are all the other dialects of course. It’s great to have such a brilliant compilation.

Where are the podcasts?


Thanks!..never knew about a separate library of podcasts in Spanish!

Well, I’m pretty sure they’re available in the actual LingQ library too, probably tagged as fairly advanced content.

I only wish the accents filter was still on the search option. I like how that spanish in europe is spoken compared to the latin american spanish.

@OzzyHellback: you can get different accents mexican,spanish etc with the “tabs” on your “Learn” page , then go to new course ( to add) …click on “Spain” tag. **for some reason this does not work in the regular library window…you have to go through your "Learn " page. btw…i know the accent filters made it much easier and worked better!