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Here at IDEL we are proud to announce a new set of collections called


First collection of the series is the weather : Talk about... the weather - LingQ Language Library

So these are 20 lessons with different dialogues with one thing in common: they all talk about the same theme. After you study them, you’ll be able to talk everything and anything about the subject, in this case the weather.

We think these collections can come very handy. We’ll be “talking about” lots of different topics such as: computers, house chores, errands… (those are the next ones that will come out).

We talk in a natural speech and the dialogues are very natural. Rated A2 (Beginner 2) but suitable for anyone, we’re sure you’ll learn lots of new phrases with this new collection.

Let us know what you think and if you like you shall also suggest new subjects for this new collection.

IDEL salutes you

Is it true then that ‘the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain’?

Wonderful little lessons!

Me gustan.

SanneT and Jingle thank you so much for your kind words. If you have any suggestions for new themes just let us know.

And Sanne yes, that’s completely true! :wink:

IDEL salutes you

I’ll be going over more of these lessons in a month or two. When school starts, I go back to Spanish. German is my summer language! But I did want to zip over and see what you were offering because it sounded like a good idea.

¡Hasta el septiembre!

¡Hasta septiembre Jingle! :wink:

I was debating rather that “el” should be in there!

We’ve added two new collections

talk about… computers

talk about… house chores

Muy buenas lecciones. El sonido es bueno y son lo suficientemente cortas para centrarte en aspectos específicos del lenguaje. Las recomiendo.

Muchas gracias Òscar :))))

el Instituto os saluda

Vaya tela :slight_smile:

El instituto es como una tela de araña, una vez que estemos atrapados, no tenemos ningúna otra opción que aprender español :slight_smile:

Peter, ésto es como el libro 1984, pero en idiomas…

Por cierto Peter, yo soy nativo de Islandia, pero caí en las redes de “El Instituto”, y ahora fíjate que bien hablo español…

Sí, es increíble. ¡Sigues hablando y escribiendo como nativo!

¿No eres nativo Òscar? En todo caso hubiera pensado que eras polaco :P.

Y tú peter ya apuntas maneras, 2 meses más con IDEL y empiezo a pensar que tú tb eres nativo.

¡Viva el Instituto!

¡Bueno Berta, todo eso gracias al “Instituto”!
Bueno me voy a preparar un poco de bacalao a la islandesa…

new collection

talk about… errands (haciendo recados)

I can’t keep up with your output. I didn’t know Spaniards not only talked quickly, they apparently also write and produce at lightning speed…