Spanish lessons audio and text are out of sync

Hey. Just started with LingQ and noticed that in the Getting Started lessons when I open the audio player full screen so that it highlights the sentence it’s suppose to read right now it immediately gets out of sync. Same thing if I open Study Sentence, audio plays something completely different. I’ve tried three lessons, all have the same problem. Tried iPad app and the site in Safari - same issue. Any advice how to get it right?

Thanks for reporting that. We will look into it right away.

Thank you @zoran. I don’t know if it’s the result of your intervention but it looks like the issue is gone! Thank you! I didn’t mention in my original post but I’ve noticed the same problem with English lessons and there the problem is still reproducing. Could please take a look too?

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

My audio of the full lesson doesn’t sync in sentence mode. It’s distracting to keep finding the sentence. It happens in Steve’s book; nothing to do with anything I imported.

Thanks, we will look into it and adjust the audio timestamps.

When playing audio like in this picture , is there any way to get the text to match the sentence. If you lose the sentence, it is distracting to have to refind it.