Spanish Keyboard

Anyone know how to set Windows 10 so I can toggle easily back and forth between Spanish and English keyboards on my Laptop? I can use the number pad but that’s a hassle using the Alt key + number code.

Left alt and shift.

Actually it’s Windows key and spacebar (after I installed the ESP keyboard) Thanks anyway for the input. Now all I have to do is learn the espanol keyboard.

Thanks! That’s even easier. You´ll have the keyboard down in no time. The weirdest thing possibly is having to shift for the question mark (the dash way up in the number row) and not having to shift for the ¿. Remembering to move one key to the left for parethesis also trips me up now and again. I guess learning to use the accent mark before typing the letter also took some getting used to.

I know this was asked two months ago, but I suggest you use the “US International” keyboard layout instead of the Spanish one. It allows you to enter all Spanish letters (and many others from other languages) without having to switch layouts and with fairly intuitive key combinations for accents, diacritics, etc. For example á is simply ’ followed by a , ñ is ~ followed by n, ö is " + o, and so on. This is actually quite similar to how the Spanish keyboard works, at least for the “tildes”. I have used this keyboard layout ever since I left my native Costa Rica 20 years ago, and has served me perfectly well in English, Spanish, French and German. No need to remember new “weird” layouts :slight_smile: