Spanish (gullivers travels)

spanish (gullivers travels)

at about 4 min 08 the speaker is not following the script. Is there a chunk missing,
patience please I am a newbie

Hi! Many of the lessons on LingQ are actually uploaded and shared by members of LingQ. Because of this, it’s actually often better to contact the lesson uploader directly. You can view the lesson uploader by going to the collection then clicking on their username on the right hand side :slight_smile:

I’ve just had a look at this lesson, and I think it either needs to be removed or heavily edited.
It contains interesting words like “trabajécomoayudantedelseñor” and “oponíaresistenciadejaron”.

“trabajécomoayudantedelseñor”: noun, es - the condition of having once worked as an assistant to a man, presumably an older or distinguished man.