Spanish for English

Hello, soon (maybe in 2 weeks to 1 month), I will be wanting to try my hand at speaking some spanish. I do not have means of using tutors for conversation because of no income. (not on my own internet either) If possible, I am willing to trade english conversation practice so I can acquire some spanish conversation practice (I have very minimal knowledge of the language so far, but plan to study hard). I would also be willing to do an email exchange (“pen pals”) or swap writing corrections a little later down the road.
If anyone knows how I should go about this or is interested, please email me.

email =

I am very sorry if this is posted in the incorrect section. I am relatively new to the site. I intend no wrong if this is not allowed.

Please check my profile for the email… I will also add a skype name very soon to the profile page.

how are you?
i am laern inglish
is will converse :smiley:

good morning