Spanish European mini stories

Hello everyone, i just finished the 60 European Spanish mini stories and was wondering what i should do next. Please let me know what you think i should do next. Thank you in advance

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Hi Nawaf404,

Here are a few Spanish resources you could use now entering
the intermediate lang. level:

Good luck,


When you can, add also “Radio Ambulante” podcast:
It’s a very interesting podcast on Latin America created by NPR.

Español con Juan:
This is also very good because he creates videos where he repeats things over and over. He is actually very intelligent on how he creates his videos, because without you realised it, he repeats a group of words many times in different ways but creating a logic story about his activities. He is Spanish and a university teacher in England.

¡Qué te vayas bien!


I agree with Davide!

And some episodes are already imported into LingQ:

Esp. con Juan
Esp con Juan

Radio Ambulante
Radio Ambulante

In addition, there is LingQ’s Spanish Podcast


Apparently by searching google, it is called " Spanish LingQ Podcast 1.0", but the linq search button can’t find it even under that name.

If I try to go to it from the google result, it says I’m not logged into lingq, and when I log in, then it forgets I was trying to open that and goes back to the lingq home… from where search can’t find it.

So I can’t figure out any way to get to it. It seems like search is broken.

Hi zorbital,

Yes, I couldn’t find it (in fact: them) using the LingQ search function either.
You need to go to the Spanish lessons page and
look under “guided courses”.

Anyway, here are the links to versions 1.0 and 2.0:
Spanish LingQ Podcast 1.0
Spanish LingQ Podcast 2.0

Muchas gracias por los enlaces.

A propósito, estes enlaces son de la versión alemán de la interfaz, creo. Por eso tienen “/de” en los urls.
Pero por supuesto es fácil cambiar las letras “/de” a “/en” para tener la versión para los anglohablantes.

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