Spanish ebook

Any possibility of adding “La Distancia Entre Nosotros” (Reyna Grande) to the books available to read? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, but at the moment we don’t have that book available.

the book - Maybe in the future?
On another subject, when listening straight through a story, most of the time the highlighted (bold) portion does not sync with the voiceover. It would be easier to read if there no highlights - to be unsynced just makes it more difficult. Try it and I think you’ll agree. Thanks.

Sure, we will gladly share any book that we have if it’s free of copyright. We do have in plans to improve our Books shelf in all languages and that’s something we are looking into.
Regarding the synchronization, I agree it’s bad when audio timestamps aren’t correct and makes listening mode hard to follow. We are constantly looking into improving that feature too.