Spanish content

Hello folks, hope you’re doing well.

I would like to ask if you guys know where can I find content “podcast,books” and things like that in spanish to import to LIngQ?

I was using lingq but the content on the libray is not “new” and there is no advanced content there, I mean , I’m a portuguese native speaker so things looks very easy.

please let me know.

I wold go to the iTunes store and change the country symbol in the bottom right hand corner to Spain. Then in the search field in the top right hand corner search for “podcasts”. This will give you podcasts on subjects of interest. Since you are a Brazilian speaker with a decent level in Spanish, I would listen to podcasts, while at the same time importing written content into LingQ from different sources to work on vocabulary. I am not aware of advanced content with transcripts for Spanish.

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I would recommend as well, tonnes of podcasts there to choose from. As also a fairly advanced learner I would echo Steve’s comment and say it’s very difficult to find advanced content with transcripts. The best I can do is import related material into lingq and “prime” or prepare my vocabulary for listening to certain podcasts.

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Thank you alll :smiley: