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I haven’t started studying Spanish, so sorry for a potentially silly question: But is the content in the store predominantly LA or Castilian Spanish?

There is a bit of both. It might be an idea to identify them as such in the future. For a beginner I do not think it matters. And later on you will be able to tell.

Hi Steve, I hope you could read my QUESTION, I found this marvellous site a month ago, and I simply think it´s just what I always wanted to organize my learning, and I encourage to my friends and students of English about this site. I want to ask you HOW CAN I CONTRIBUTE A BIT WITH YOUR FANTASTIC WORK??? Do you need yet volunteers to record your book in Spanish???. My girlfriend (Who is an English teacher) a I will be grateful making it . Can we too start a collection in Spanish about health and medicine because that´s our field, I think this is a great project and it deserves the effort of all of us who are making the most of it. Atte,



Thank you for your encouraging comments. The simple answer is WE NEED YOU AND WE WANT YOU!!!

I would love to have my book recorded in Spanish. It is a lot of work so it can be done by many. I know that we have learners who are native speakers of Japanese, Portuguese, French, German to name a few, who have started.

A Collection on health and medicine in Spanish would be great. Just recording content for which the electronic text already exists would be a good start. Having a male voice and a female voice would be super

If you and your girl friend can start a series of natural discussions on health in Spanish, we can arrange the transcripts and put them up.

I would also like to contact you on Skype and record our conversations for our SpanishLingQ podcasts ( we are starting. I did the first one today with a Venezuelan learner friend.

Meanwhile, any of your friends that you can direct our way, we will make sure we look after them.


OK, let´s start. My PC is new, a pentium corel duo, I suppose that I have a good video tarject, but I need some specifications about what program use to record the conversations and what microphone buy. If I use a ipod or MP3 is it good quality enough?.


I have a Logitech digital microphone which works just fine. I used Audacity when I was on a PC. Here is a link to our Help file on this.

to download Audacity please go to

There is a number of FAQs en espanol at

although your written English looks excellent.

Thanks again.

Disculpa Steve, pero tuve problemas encontrando ese microfono, en realidad en las galerias especializadas en computo de mi país NO TIENEN MICROFONOS DIGITALES, las mas grandes galerias quedan por suerte cerca de mi casa y las recorrí durante horas sin éxito. Me recomendaron comprar un microfono profesional y ponerle un adaptador a la computadora. Por otro lado, encontre un microfono que puedo comprar por internet, ¿es este el que tienes?, crees que la calidad de este microfono sea adecuada? ¿o un midrofono profesional sería mejor? Este es el producto que pensaba comprar:,es#



Hi Cesar,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I checked the link you gave me and it did not work. Nevertheless, I use a normal Logitech digital microphone and earphone set that I bought for about $50 at a store. Logitech (980374) Premium USB Headset 350.

If you have a microphone we could talk via Skype and see what is the best thing to do. Let me know when would be convenient.