Spanish Content: Radio Ambulante with transcripts!

I don’t know when they started doing this, but Radio Ambulante now publish full Spanish transcripts of their shows online:

Radio Ambulante is modeled on This American Life and each episode focuses on a real life story from Latin America that is always interesting, and often surprising. It is very well written, recorded and put together. Now there are transcripts it is perfect material for Lingq style learning. This just made my day.


Wow, thanks ‘spcole83!

I go along with the!. I have been listening to these podcasts for quite a while but had no idea that they had been transcribed. I cannot say that they are a lot of fun to listen to. The themes are mostly of sad and often tragic circumstances people have lived through, but also of triumph through these experiences. Thanks so much spcole83.

Perhaps we can contact them about putting their material in our library.

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I would be very happy to put some of these in if Radio Ambulante allows us to share them. I have asked ABC in Australia about using their transcribed material, and they quoted me costs of some thousands of dollars an hour!
How could we go about getting Radio Ambulante to allow us to use their material?

Good idea Ginkgo. You have a long way to go before you get to 100,000 in Spanish!

Spanish is different. I studied Spanish extensively for 3 years before coming to LingQ and was speaking quite fluently. I have read lots of books in Spanish and can understand clear standard speech from most countries fairly easily. Also, German has more inflections and limitless numbers of compound words. Unlike Steve, I make LingQs every time I encounter a word or a phrase that I want to look up. That is why I get thousands of known words.

You’re right about the compound words. Almost every single new word I come across in German now is a compound word.

I know this post is more than two years old, but I just found radioambulante via NPR. I am importing the text now to LingQ on a few shows.

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You can do this privately. Sharing is not allowed because it is under copyright.

Yes, my intention is to keep it private :slight_smile: But it would be cool if LingQ were able to license this material!