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(Habla sobre… el trabajo). You’ll learn lots of vocabulary and phrases with these set of themed collections. They consist of short dialogs covering a specific topic. Be ready to have a rich conversation about WORK. (see our other collections “talk about…” for other topics)

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IDEL os saluda

I just have to say that I love these Talk About collections! Often it is vocabulary on the day to day topics that I don’t know. Thanks again!

Yes, they are great. I am just starting to listen to them. At this point, I know most of the vocabulary, but I wouldn’t have known the native-sounding way to string it together…

And now, is there any chance, that you could do Talk About…Elementary school? Albert is teaching…I really need to hear some conversations related to what happens in elementary classes.

Thank you Angela and Yvette for your kind words.

Yvette I’m sure Albert will be delighted to do a Talk about elementary school!

IDEL salutes you!