Spanish Challenge Champion Shares Advice on Livestream

Hi Challengers,

User @Nicklaw1 won the 90-Day Spanish Challenge in June & July. And he racked up over 6,000 Known Words in September alone.

Nick is coming on Wednesday’s livestream to share his approach and advice with other LingQers.

If you’re interested in hearing some tips from a power user, sign up for Wednesday’s zoom event here:

If you can’t make it but want to watch the recording, click follow on this thread, so that you get notified when we post the recording here.


Exciting :rocket:

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Hey guys, I’ve updated the original post here with the Livestream recording. Would love to hear reactions to anything we’ve discussed.

I hoped you liked the effort of getting a haircut for this live steam Tommy not enough was said about that haha!


Haha you were indeed looking fresh :slight_smile:

Also the people from Cordoba are called Culiado which is a little risky to translate haha.

Yes that’s right :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I attending the meet-up today and was so excited to speak with other Spanish speaking students. I hope you continue to hold these meet-ups. Thank you. Denise

Hi Denise, Glad you made it and enjoyed it :slight_smile: We plan to facilitate more conversation meetups going forward, so stay tuned.

Going to have an English-Spanish exchange next Tuesday at 5pm Eastern. You can register here:

Hi, hope Everybody is well