Spanish Catholic podcast from Chile

This is a podcast with a conservative Catholic perspective. Transcriptions included.


Report: Pennsylvania priests molested 1,000-plus children. Oral sex, followed by “holy water.” Church brushed off complaints. Called sexual abuse “horseplay” and “wrestling.”

(Associated Press)

conservative catholic perspective lol no thanks i don’t like fiction

Gracias. Aunque no soy nada religioso, es otro recurso para aprender atreves la lectora y escuha. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Look, I’m not advocating for any religious institution here. I find this to be an interesting resource. There is no need to get triggered.

Well, some people find fiction useful in language learning. You might want to try some short story or novel.

Look, I just found this news story, a version of which happened to appear on the front page of my newspaper today, to be interesting and relevant to the topic at hand. No need to get triggered yourself.

I like reading short stories by Graham Greene. His stories seem to be influenced by Catholicism. They are all fictitious. But I am not interested in so-called post-truth news podcasts. I don’t know if the podcast is worth listening to because I don’t understand Spanish.

The podcast seems to be mostly social commentary from a religious perspective. It’s old fashioned traditional. I don’t now how you define “post-truth”, from what I have read it seems to be a term recently made-up against the new wave of American populism. If you’re not learning Spanish you can skip this one.

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