Spanish books


I use an ipad, I bought a spanish book that I was planning to bring in to lingq and read but I am not able to copy and paste because of copyright issues.

Can somebody please advise me where I can buy books and be allowed to copy the text from, I am more than willing to buy from somewhere else provided I can import in to lingq?

If you’re looking for lots of high-quality Spanish material with audio that you can easily copy and paste into lingq (and not even have to buy anything), I highly recommend Alba Learning.


You can upload whatever content you like. It only has to be copyright clear if you want to share it :slight_smile:

ok thanks guys for the advice, lapoubelle I have checked out that website and already brought in some good stories, that is exactly what I needed, djvlbass, thanks for the reply, I was aware that you can bring some stuff in using the import button, but i brought a book online, an ebook, an it does not actually allow you to copy ans paste the material but now with the website above i thik i have something to work with thanks again