Spanish Books with audio

Hello I’m looking for Spanish e-book with audio. Could please somebody recommended some books?

You can read the entire Harry Potter series in Spanish. Also little prince and Alice in Wonderland. All are available in ebook and have free audio in youtube.

I think is amazing. $15 USD per month. I download the audio and buy the kindle book. It’s great!

Is it possible to buy the book and upload to LingQ and import the youtube audio as well?

Hi, pixla!

“The Witcher” series is awesome but the level is B2 (or higher).

Have fun

I read all the harry potter books in spanish. You can just use google to find PDF’s of them to import. Just type the name of the books in spanish (harry potter y la piedra filosofal pdf etc). I got the audio on audible so i could read and listen at the same time. Audible also allows you to speed up and slow down the audio and use keyboard shortcut to pause ect when using ling.


I agree. The Harry Potter series is excellent for learning foreign languages
because the writing style of J.K. Rowling is comparatively simple!
You can even find many audiobooks of the Harry Potter series in Spanish
for free on Youtube - dito for The Witcher, The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.
Just search for “Harry Potter book title (for example: >la piedra filosofal<) audiolibro” on YT.

But, don’t ask me about copyright issues :-).