Spanish blogs?

I don’t understand how I can see Spanish blogs on LingQ. When I go to the Friends tab and then to the Blog tab, I only see about 10 blogs. Many of them are by the same person, and none of them are in Spanish. I can’t page down and I don’t see any way to choose what kind of blog I would like to see. Can someone please advise me about this? Thanks!

Hi Alicia,

What the Friends page actually shows is the blogs by members who are learning Spanish, not necessarily blogs that are in Spanish. As of now we have the Spanish LingQ Central blog which, although is inactive at times, still has some very interesting content in Spanish. You can find it at the bottom of your page or you can click here:

As of now there is no way to find blogs written by members only in a certain language, but what you might want to do is have blogs show only from people who are located in Spain or Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country. This can be done by selecting the second filter on the right hand side of that page which says “All Countries” and choose the country of interest.

Good luck!

Thank you, Alex! That really helps! ¡Gracias por su ayuda!