Spanish Android app 5.5.0 doesn't sync

Since the lingq Spanish app was updated a few days ago to version 5.5.0 no activity in the app like reading,listening or creating lingqs is synced to the server. A lingq created in the app shoes as new word in the website.
Reading one the website raises the stats which seem to be synced to the Android app, but not the other way around.
Thus the Android app cannot be used anymore.

Please advise/fix.

Best regards

I can second this. This was my first time using the app, and all my progress from my first session of reading was lost. Leaves me feeling like I can’t trust the app…

Look forward to any updates on the situation!


Can you please update to the latest version 5.5.1 and let me know if that helps?

Everything seems to be working now in that version. Although there was no update for the Spanish version of the app (not sure why there’s a separate language specific version?). Not sure if it would have synced my lost progress if I’d managed to update that app.

In the Android play store there is no newer version available for the lingq Spanish app. Version 5.5.0 published on March 19th is the current version, that seems to have initiated the issue.