Please remove the account ursulafischer. Their comment history is nothing but spam posts.


There are also the users Hundert and Fudricky, all they do is post links to escort services.

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There used to be some people on the website who served as moderators, not sure where they’ve gone anymore…

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alyxper and CharlotteMason too. CharlotteMason never posts anything meaningful. You can find them (ursulafischer, CharlotteMason, Fudricky, Hundert and alyxper) all responding to each other under the following topics. Probably all the same person:

I find the following topic exceptional because it’s interesting how a spammer got this many people to respond to the so-called “topic.” I almost responded to it myself, but decided it was a waste of time. Now I think I respond, using the very bad grammar:

You can always report a specific post by contacting support (Contact Support under the Need Help? tab) with a link to the post or the page on which the message is posted. I have received a number of spam messages in the past and reported them to support and the user profile has been promptly deleted from the web site by the support team.

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I missed this. I hoped they aren’t deleted yet So I can take down the info.


Sorry everyone, I missed this thread! I removed all the spammers you reported. Thanks a lot!


Great! Thank you Zoran.

t would be great to be able to report a post more easily.

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This user is also a spammer: Login - LingQ

Not every day but quite often I receive these strange ‘liked your post’ from 20-30 spammars!
It’s for me ennoyable all of them to put here, I just remove them.
But I don’t understand what is the aim of all these posts?


Unfortunately as a “moderator” we cannot do much. The only thing we could do is deny or accept a post on the forum if it is the FIRST forum post of this member. We cannot remove members, forum posts, post on profile feeds etc. You should email the support @ if you find a spammer. Zoran is clearing this very fast.

another one Zoran

I was about to write that one too. He doesn’t seem a spammer at first sight because the youtube channel he links to is language-related. But he spams that as a reply to every post, regardless of what OP is asking.

Thanks both, I removed that account.


Though I don’t like people spamming on the forum, and I agree that it had to be stopped, your actions were too harsh.

I believe the proper procedure would be first to send a warning and remove spam messages, and only if the User didn’t get it, could you completely delete the account.

Your actions destroy trust in the system, it is not OK to delete an account on a whim. Was this person a paying member of the LingQ?


No worries, I have more than enough experience to recognize spammer profile, and as admin of the site before deleting I was able to check all his private messages posted on other users walls, LingQ activity and all forum posts. Do you really think I delete accounts just like that for fun?
Of course that he/she wasn’t a paying member, although it doesn’t have anything to do with that, Free members are welcome as much as paying members, but spamming other users everywhere on the site isn’t allowed.


One day, one of these eastern European babes IS going to be looking to chat with me for real. I just know it.