Either it is my lucky day, or there is a spammer here because somebody called ‘anaa121’ just posted the following on my wall.

Hello dear,
I am a single girl never married interested in your profile and I wish to further correspond with you in this regard.
Email Address:(
Best hoping to read your lovely reply

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Thanks for the heads up! I’ve taken care of this now. If you see any more spammers (they usually all follow the same tune) then let us know :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why they come here. Is it really worth their time signing up for LingQ with a fake account just to post a few strange messages on some people’s walls, or is it all done automatically? What are they aiming to achieve? It is all very strange.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - I wish I knew. It’s likely automated and they must certainly have some sort of scheme where they convince people to send them money. If you’re OK with a lot of reading, I would recommend the following site: It has some entertaining email exchanges where they bait the scammers. There’s enough material there to keep you busy for days, and it’s all pretty funny stuff.

I just received a wall post by Marijean221. I hope you can take care of her. :slight_smile:

@mikebond - Thanks, this user has now been removed!

Another spammer for you, Alex! :slight_smile: Login - LingQ

@mikebond - Done :slight_smile:

Fish in a barrel!