Spammer message cannot be deleted from list of notifications

Apparently a couple of days a go a certain MissMurphy felt the need to advise me of her love for me. There is no little “x” on the notification in the list of postings. How can I get rid of this dear woman?

According to the post in the above thread, Mr. “X” will appear soon, although we do not know why he disappeared. As for the spammer, I suspect that Zoran have not deleted her account yet.


Hi SanneT,
I deleted her account now, so she should disappear from your notifications too.

The lovelorn lady lingers no longer on LingQ. Thank you!

Spammer? —> Login - LingQ

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Agree. I had one of those, too.

I deleted him again, some spammers are really persistent!

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Thanks a bunch!

Hi Sanne,
Just an update about the issue with “X” on notifications.
That is actually a bug and “X” is not visible for some reason, but if you click with your mouse on top right corner of a notification (where X was earlier) it will be deleted.

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Mr. X might be very shy.

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Spammer: Login - LingQ

"Hello Dear. My name is anabel 23 y girl . It will be nice if you could have that lovely time to respond back to me by email: ( for us to know more about each other. I’m Single seriously searching for a lifetime partner. Wish to hear from you by email and send you my pics to your mail , you can give me your email to contact you with my pics to your email :
Thank yu”



Thanks for letting us know. I deleted her account.

Thanks Yutaka. Both spammers are deleted now.

Thank you.