Are there spam members on LingQ? Someone added me, who I am sure is a spam member. Go to my profile and view the message from “babykiss”

The message is very off-putting. View her profile.

These idiots sometimes come on and do this. I have removed that user and his wall posts…

Thanks, Mark!

Thank you very much.
Was it some strange joke, or is it actually spam?

I guess it was spam although I don’t really know what they expected to get out of it.


I got the exact same post on my wall from the same spammer, thank you for removing it Mark.

We get these spammers now and then on LingQ. The puzzling thing is the similarity of the content of the messages. Is it the same person each time, or is there some sort of spammers’ forum out there with templates for spam messages?

What do you call a sheep with no legs?


Yes. A cloud. Haha.

What do you guys mean by spam members?

“Spam members” are LingQ members who don’t learn here, but only use the system to post annoying spam messages in the forum or on private blackboards.

There are three different spams on my wall.

@ozne - I’ve now removed these members. If you receive any more spam messages be sure to let us know!

There is another person. His username is hucks. He commented on my forum post saying Hey and then Fk you. I removed it since it was unnecessary. I also saw he posted lots of random messages on other people’s posts. He has done nothing on lingq so I assume he is a spammer.

@happycheeks - Thanks for the heads up. Since the post is now gone I don’t have any evidence to show this. Next time just leave the post and let us know immediately and we’ll take care of it for you!

alex, the topic “english conversation??” has spam

Thanks! I’ve deleted those guys now.

more a spammer mark/alex