Spacing Japanese

I wish I had overlooked LingQ’s shortcomings back when I was I. The early stages of learning Japanese and especially when I was living in Japan.

Anyway. I’m reading an ebook I imported. I had to remove the furigana (would be nice if LingQ supported furigana…) and I am trying out reading Japanese with spaces. It’s so much nicer than without spaces although kanjis do help some there’s nothing like spaces. However I’m seeing that LingQ makes a lot of mistakes on what’s a word. Of course it would be great if you could improve that but that’s not the point. When I long press and highlight multiple words because they’re really one word and try to look it up I can see LingQ is maintaining the spaces when it copies and pastes to (the best online Japanese English dictionary which you have setup with LingQ). It would be helpful if LingQ removed the spaces when sending the word(s) to Jisho and let Jisho do its own parsing. I can go in and delete the spaces of course but that’s extra work I shouldn’t need to do.


agree with the parsing to jisho, but really for your own benefit you should be ditching both spaces and furigana when using lingq. They are hindering you. It looks easier now, but it’s detrimental to progress.