Spaces in Japanese

Hey everyone,
Any news about when the spaces can be removed from Japanese text? They’re in the new app and won’t turn off, same with the desktop site, it’s very aggravating.

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I agree! I hope this gets taken care of soon.

Hi GALindquist,
I just checked and I am able to disable “Show spaces between words” option on the website without problem. Which browser are you using? Are you using new or old reader?

What does the “show spaces between words” function even do? I don’t notice any difference

Hey Zoran,
I’m using Safari with the new reader. It’s really subtle, but with the spaces “off”, the spaces are still there. When compared to a normal Japanese text (from original website, etc) it’s very noticeable.

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In Japanese, it’s meant to break up the sentences into words, making it easier (when you start learning) to understand, especially if the whole text is in kana (no kanji).

I have the same issue with chrome. You can completely remove spacing on the classic reader but not with the the new one unfortunately.

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Yeah, the old one works well for spacing, but isn’t as nice overall. Not to pile on with problems, but an item on my wish list is to have the handwritten (flowing, cursive) font also available on the new layout. It’s beautiful to read. What do you think?

Yeah, I prefer the new reader overall but the spacing is definitely an issue.

Never seen a font like that on the web. I’m curious what it would look like.

If you’re using the classic view on LingQ on the desktop, you can change through the fonts. The one I’m referring to looks kind of like calligraphy, you’ll know when you see it.

Ah, I see. Never noticed that before. It’s cool!