Spaced repetition on lingq

Has lingq ever considered incorporating sentences you read into the spaced repetition system instead of treating them as unrelated things.

For example, when you encounter a word when reading on lingq, you could treat that as a SM-2 event with a quality (one of the inputs to the SM2 algorithm) of 3-4 to push the due date out further into the future in order to make the SRS more efficient (since it wouldn’t be reviewing items it doesn’t need to).

Not a huge deal, but I think if we’re honest, lingq’s spaced repetition system is certainly not best in class but the one thing it really has going for it is knowing what you’ve read (on lingq, anyways) so taking advantage of that information might provide some value.

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I think half-baked crap happens when you deviate from your core language philosophy. Steve never used any spaced repetition software. I think users who know how to use LingQ can easily learn to use Anki and they can easily copy and paste sentences from lessons and review them at their own pace. For me, the SRS is already built-in when we see the same words in different contexts until we make them known. Therefore, I do not waste time creating cards in Anki then reviewing them. Instead, I utilize that time in further listening and reading.


I enjoy SRS and the Anki program but those are different programs that than what Steve has used and has created. I only use Anki in a passive form when I watch shows and find unfamiliar phrases. I go back to the phrases once a week and write them down on my SRS cards if I am still interested in the phrase or word. I mostly read and listen and it is working for me.

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