Sources for international TV?

Specifically looking for european leanguages like german, french, and russian. Preferably free. I’m just looking for something that isn’t news or media. Just what the average person might watch sitting at home.

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I use I’ll warn you that most of the channels on there are news stations, but depending on the language, you can usually find some tv shows or movies playing on a channel or two as well. Next to the search bar, you can filter by language, country, or a couple other things.


Some Russian serials, etc., can be found on YouTube if you know what to look for. If you search for “Счастивы вместе” you might recognize the vapid (but entertaining to some) American show it’s derived from, for one example. I’ve seen others that are not derivatives but don’t remember them. If you can find some list of shows with google, or if someone here can suggest some, there’s a chance you’ll find them on YT.

Edit: Just searching for “сериал” turns up lots of candiates. Here’s a playlist for the serial Кадетство: Кадетство 1 - YouTube

2 Likes for German TV shows. You can also import German subtitles through LingQ importer extension for these shows.

3 Likes as well for German.

Note also for Asad’s suggestion, if you go to the menu there are many channels (“Sender”) to change to.

Some tv shows are on youtube as well:
Quarks (science show) - Quarks - YouTube

Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit (cheesy “law” soap opera–but fun) - Im Namen der Gerechtigkeit - YouTube

Anwälte im Einsatz (another cheesy “law” soap opera. My gf likes this one) - Anwälte im Einsatz - YouTube

Deutsche Welle - some of the following have the episodes online (ones with “alle Videos”):

In particular Iike the “Dokfilms” (documentaries) -

Are there any particular types of shows you enjoy?


pretty much trying to find netflix tv shows but for those languages. Sometimes i Use the subtitles and dubs for the english shows but it’s not the same.

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For German:
Babylon Berlin
Dogs of Berlin

Are a couple I’ve watched a bit of. Keep in mind that often times on Netflix the subtitles don’t quite match what is being said. You can search on Netflix of “German language” or “German language dramas”, etc. Also search on google “german language tv shows on netflix”. You can also create a 2nd profile for German specifically. It will tend to recommend ones that at least have German language dubbed or subtitiled along with actual spoken German (non-dubbed). I did a similar thing for Youtube (create a german second account to only watch german things so it will also recommend German videos).

A documentary I watched on Netflix that was quite good was:
“A Perfect Crime”. This is about the murder of Detlev Rohwedder, who was in charge of restructuring and privitizing state-owned property of Easty Germany as it joined with West Germany. He was assassinated by the Red Faction Army (they claimed responsibility). Very fascinating as it also talks about the whole situation of the joining of East Germany with West Germany and the concerns.