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When reviewing vocabulary in flashcards, some of the surrounding context for the word is provided, but I would much prefer the whole sentence, as sometimes there isn’t enough context or recalling the specific situation in the text helps strengthen the memory. Sort of make or break for my review style. Lingq appears to be able to parse a text into sentences, e.g. Sentence Mode when reading lessons. Is there no way to see the whole source sentence in vocab review?


I have 36k known words in German, and coming across my remaining lingqs naturally isn’t time-efficient. I might come across a specific word once a year, and I want to be able to artificially enhance this frequency, but not at the cost of looking up example sentences online for every item when I could have the original sentence where I encountered the word, for the salience of the memory. And many words are novel and don’t have example sentences in online dictionaries anyway.


Not possible at the moment, you see related phrases and they aren’t full sentences. We don’t have any changes there in plan at the moment, but maybe one day.

I am agreeing with @Aaron_343. I would very much prefer to have a whole sentence on my card rather than a random passage around the target word. I did some research in the forum and saw that different people throughout the years have requested it. Could you please think on adding it to your future plan please. I think a lot of people learning with flashcards would appreciate it.

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I’m agree with the suggestions. I think, you should save whole sentence. Many times ( almost always ), part of the sentence is very short to understand whole meaning.
Now I’m learning English, and as an example:

“…see that this is _ a person”

This is a whole source… What is the answer ? Exactly, answer is “definitely”.
I think, it’s not ok, I should understand the answer in context, and not memorize it like "I remember this part of the sentence, I don’t understand sentence, I don’t know context, meaning, but I remember, that here answer is ‘definitely’ "…
I think, this not a language learning, this is more like a learned poem, but definitely not an understandable word or context.
You can just save whole sentence and allow as to edit the source.

A relatively simple solution would be to make the source field editable. This would solve a world of problems. It would also give us the ability to create a simpler context. Another alternative would be to make the notes visible on the front side, not just the back side of the flash card. And to give us that option on the mobile app, not just the web app. I even tried exporting the words to .csv file and changing the source there. Then I imported the vocabulary back. As long as the original word exists there is no change. And if you delete the original word before importing it back in it works but you lose a coin. And the import does not get it back. If you don’t want to make note or source changes as sugested, I could live with simply having the imported word overwrite the original word or give me the option to confirm the overwrite or not.