Sound problem

Following a recommendation from a friend, I’m trying the course, but the sound is speeded up so as to be unusable. It sounds like the chipmunks and that can’t be right. I‘m using my iPad and the sounds for everything else are fine. Hope you can help.

You don’t mention what course you’re having trouble with. There are controls to slow down the speed of the audio though (and speed up).

I noticed that it does glitch sometimes, but very rarely.
Refreshing the page fixes it for me.
Perhaps try another browser.
I use either Firefox or Chrome, and if something does not function well on one I then find it does work well on the other. :grin:

Can you please share a link to one of lessons you mentioned that problem with? Thanks!

I have this same problem, often when reviewing lingqs. No pattern. Happens on the app and on safari

is there a fix?

Can you post a link to one of lessons in which you noticed the issue? Thanks.

Today, the problem is happening on this lesson

And this one

Thanks, we will check that. I can’t reproduce the problem on my end, but will ask my team.
Do you have audio speed set to 1x, or is it maybe set to 2x?

The audio speed is set to 1x.
When the problem occurs it is more like 100x

it doesn’t always happen. It’s random. For example on the linked lesson, they seem to be ok now.

Next time when it happens in some lesson, can you try refreshing the page and let me know if that helps? I’ll check with our developers what could be the reason.