Sound Files don't start from the beginning in the app

Hello LingQ!

I have an issue with the app (I think it occurred with one of the last updates, because I didn’t have any problems before):

When listening to my playlist, many tracks just start somewhere randomly but not at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if I listen on shuffle or in order.

I tried deleting my whole playlist, adding the tracks again, even deleted and reinstalled the whole app but the problem is still present.

I use the app on an Android phone.

Am I the only one with this issue?

Which app version you have installed at the moment?

I just made an update to LingQ v.4.9.8. (275). The problem still exists.

I notice this as well. I had just assumed that, if you stop listening to an audio file partway through, the app puts it on pause, and if you then listen to it again as part of the playlist, it simply unpauses it from the point you had reached. But if it is truly random, that would be weird.

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@LingQKev Are you sure that you haven’t played those tracks before? As @WinterShaker wrote, app do actually remember where you paused the track last time you listened to it, and if you click to play it again later, if will resume from where you left off last time.

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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware of this feature and will pay more attention to it to see if that’s the case.