Sorting on % new seems inconsistent

When sorting lessons based on %New, the list of lessons I see at the top varies. This is for instance visible when I toggle on and off to filter on Internal lessons only.

Following scenario:

Step 1. I set the sorting on %New

Step 2. The top lesson I see is Login - LingQ

(This looks like an internal lesson to me.)

Step 3. I enable the filter for Internal Content type.

Step 4. The top lesson now is Login - LingQ

(What surprises me here is that I see another internal lesson when the Internal Lesson filter is on then the internal lesson I saw initially.)

Step 5. I again disable the filter for Internal Content type.

Step 6. The top lesson now is different from step 2. It’s Login - LingQ

Step 7. Enabling the Internal Content type filter again brings back 4423032.

Step 8. Disabling the filter again sometimes brings 2831871, other times it results in 889744. (There seems to be an unintended element of chance in this.)

This seems inconsistent and unintended. Interested to hear your impressions.

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Thanks for reporting, we will check that.

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